The Lovers

The girl is crouching in the dark, holding her breath, watching in close up, though in reality the lovers are several feet away.  They shimmer in the glare which encroaches on the surrounding darkness. He is stroking her black hair which he inhales deeply and kisses. His hand slides up the length of her brown arm to the shoulders and at the apex of her slender neck squeezes gently, then weaving his fingers skilfully through her hair takes a handful and pull with a violent jerk that twists her body out of view. The girl gasp and loosing her balance fall back on my haunches. For a moment she is only aware of her heart pounding in her ears. She closes her eyes and wait till her breathing returns to normal then stealthily as if in danger of being seen, pull herself up and crawl into her bed and draws the covers up to her chin.

She is afraid to close her eyes so she stares up at the dark and immediately falls asleep. In her dream the man in the window is floating towards her. He grows rapidly and expands, obliterating the room as he closes in.  His eyes are two pinpoints, his mouth aiming for a kiss which she knows will sucks the breath out of her.